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this is a goddamn national travesty

FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t care if you like Benedict Cumberbatch or not, but I need EVERYONE READING THIS to click on this link, scroll down to laverne cox (or just ctrl+f her name) and click YES on her voting!!!!! it’ll make you sign in with either facebook or twitter, but it is instant one-click signing in, and they don’t post anything on your profile. it’s just for verification purposes so 4chan doesn’t fix the voting again like they did a few years ago.

DO IT!!!!!

Don’t make an excuse. It’ll take like thirty seconds. Just do it.

also take the time to vote no for jared leto and rupaul

ok, so, while I’m really happy about Laverne now having 94.7% YES with 30k+ reactions, why does Benedict now have 45.7% NO with 27k+ reactions (almost the same number)?

no one said you had to vote no to him, you know

yea, what the hell? why now does he risk not to be included? because he’s a white cis man? He deserves it, he worked a lot last year and this hatred is unjustified.

your url is a treasure you must be protected

Anonymous said:
Hey, your colour memes are very interesting. How do you know these stuff? I'd like to learn more about these because I like interior designing and this would be helpful. Do you have a book or something you refer to that I can read? I really want to know more about colours and their emotions!

Answered properly here :)

I haven’t read any specific book yet, but off anon I can redirect you to some interesting links!

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug + Bilbo being adorable

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